How We Do It

Creating a unique program to support young women’s growth.

The Gibson Soto Foundation has developed a unique program to support young women’s positive growth, prepare them to graduate with a college degree, and prepare them to integrate into a culture and life not experienced before.

It is vital to understand that poverty life and thinking are very different from those of the middle class.  Education alone is not enough to provide a fulfilling and sustainable life foundation for our graduates.  

The Pillars Of Integrity


The Foundation is convinced that young women’s education has the power to transform their lives and enrich the communities in which they live for generations. The Foundation believes education is the gateway to personal and community growth.


The Foundation is based on the inherent power of giving others the best of ourselves in our actions, time, gifts, and virtues. Our Foundation gives those who need an education and expects them to help others in their community.


The Foundation works diligently to achieve excellence in all we do. We pass this value to each of our students and families and our donors and collaborators.


The Foundation respects every human being and sees the immeasurable potential within each person to live a fulfilling life and contribute positively to their community. The Foundation respects all human beings’ life-giving potential and strives to provide opportunities to those we touch.


The Foundation is committed to each student, and each student is committed to their growth, development, success, and investment in their communities. Together we are committed to impacting the world with our actions positively.


The Foundation acts with total honesty and integrity. We carry this value to each of our students and families, as well as donors and collaborators.

Development Areas

Our beneficiaries have 24/7 access to La Cima staff, and there is always a psychologist on site.
We accomplish our program goals through workshops and training programs. These programs include self-love, self-esteem and confidence, communication and presentation skills, interview skills, and much more.


Health and motor skills


Education and culture




Social and communication


Professional and vocational

Taking it further!

Our students learn English as a second language and are required to learn a second skill or talent of their desire. We see the importance of our beneficiaries participating in enjoyable programs such as music, arts, sports, and hobbies as part of a well-balanced life.

Breaking the cycle

Our young women will complete a community project and an internship with our foundation or local business through our mentorship program.  

To ensure our students have the academic support they need, we provide a full tutoring program powered by volunteers from our local partner universities.


Conviértete en voluntario

La Cima IAP trabaja para romper el ciclo de la pobreza y lograr el desarrollo sostenible de las comunidades rurales a través de la educación de sus mujeres jóvenes; para así generar paz y prosperidad.

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La Cima IAP provee a mujeres jóvenes de comunidades marginadas los medios necesarios para tener acceso a educación universitaria de calidad y desarrollo humano pleno, con el propósito romper el ciclo de la pobreza, mejorar su vida y las de sus generaciones futuras.