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Due to gender inequality and cultural norms, many women in Mexico continue to face poverty, violence, and lack of education. Please watch this video to learn more about our work and the amazing women we serve.


Giving young women opportunities to have a brighter future

In 2017, Thomas Gibson and his wife, Patricia Soto, founded the Gibson Soto Foundation. They expanded their work to La Cima, helping young women break the cycle of poverty through education. They both have a deep passion for helping others, and you will often find them traveling to remote parts of Mexico in search of bright young women they can support.



We serve amazing young women

The young women we support come from generations of poverty, with the average family being in poverty for 11 generations (equivalent to 211 years). The majority of our students  come from the Sierra Gorda mountain range, and many are indigenous. Our indigenous women are from the Otomi tribe of central Mexico and speak their formal Oto-Manguean language and Spanish.

Our students’ average family size is 6 to 8 members

Average Monthly Income
$150 USD

We find students through various means, such as contacts with schools, civic organizations, local community events, and word of mouth.  All of our beneficiaries are very bright, top 20% of their class, and have a tremendous heart to have a better life. 

The effort that these young women put into their education and personal development is truly amazing.


Our goal is to create a comfortable, safe setting where our students can focus on their development.

We maintain a facility named La Cima, located in Querétaro, Mexico , where our beneficiaries reside during their time enrolled in our program.

Our young women are provided with all they need for them
to reach their full potential with the following:

An Education

We provide college tuition, all school and home supplies, English classes, and complete medical care

A Home

We offer a great home-like setting with bedrooms and spacious areas for dining, study, entertainment, and group programs.

With Love

The mental health of our beneficiaries is always our priority. We maintain 24/7 licensed staff onsite.

Fulfill their goals

Our mission does not end there. All graduates are welcome to continue in our after graduation program and provide volunteer support to the foundation.

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Conviértete en voluntario

La Cima IAP trabaja para romper el ciclo de la pobreza y lograr el desarrollo sostenible de las comunidades rurales a través de la educación de sus mujeres jóvenes; para así generar paz y prosperidad.

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La Cima IAP provee a mujeres jóvenes de comunidades marginadas los medios necesarios para tener acceso a educación universitaria de calidad y desarrollo humano pleno, con el propósito romper el ciclo de la pobreza, mejorar su vida y las de sus generaciones futuras.