What we do

Our goal is to create a comfortable, safe setting where our students can focus on their development.

We maintain a facility named La Cima, located in Querétaro, Mexico, where our beneficiaries reside during their time enrolled in our program.

Our young women are provided full room and board (private bedroom), fully-cooked nutritious meals, college tuition, all school and home supplies, and complete medical care.


La Cima’s Facility Tour

The facility offers a great home-like setting with a dining, kitchen, and living area, as well as a study area and large space used for group programs and events.  Since the weather in Queretaro is moderate year-round, we have an exterior dining and study area and gardens.


We have a 3 simple step process

1. Evaluation

The young woman’s path begins with an orientation to the Gibson Soto program, and she will be evaluated by one of our expert psychologists.  

The physical and mental health of our beneficiaries is always the priority of our work.  We understand that they come to us with unique challenges. Often, they are propelled into adulthood responsibilities during early childhood, causing developmental concerns.

Poverty social and cultural norms are very much different than those of the middle class. 

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2. The program

Although our students are very bright, education quality typically leaves them one or two grades behind in major subjects such as math, reading, and writing. 

The early days of a young woman at La Cima are spent designing her unique program to ensure a successful college education and sustainable growth after graduation.

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3. Ambassador Program

Our mission does not end with college graduation. All graduates are welcome to continue in our after graduation program and provide volunteer support to the foundation as our ambassadors.

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Conviértete en voluntario

La Cima IAP trabaja para romper el ciclo de la pobreza y lograr el desarrollo sostenible de las comunidades rurales a través de la educación de sus mujeres jóvenes; para así generar paz y prosperidad.

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La Cima IAP provee a mujeres jóvenes de comunidades marginadas los medios necesarios para tener acceso a educación universitaria de calidad y desarrollo humano pleno, con el propósito romper el ciclo de la pobreza, mejorar su vida y las de sus generaciones futuras.